PFS offers Individual Tax Return Preparation starting at $50. Business Owners can take advantage of Quarterly Filings and end of year Tar Return Preparation for start-ups, sole proprietors, C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and partnerships.

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Accounting Services

PFS offers accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation to business owners at affordable prices. If needed, we can take these time-consuming, critical accounting and bookkeeping tasks off your hands so you can focus on building your business.

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QuickBooks Instructor

PFS founder, Eugene Palovik, is a College Instructor of QuickBooks. Schedule Eugene to do a QuickBooks Set-Up for new QuickBooks users, or train you and your employees. For existing QuickBooks Users schedule a QuickBooks Tune-Up today!

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Los Angeles Tax Preparers — Accounting — Bookkeeping — QuickBooks™

Los Angeles Tax Preparers is a full-service Tax Preparation, Accounting, and Bookkeeping service in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles Tax Preparers - Palovik Financial ServicesWe offer Individual and Business Tax Return Preparation – accounting assistance, bookkeeping services, payroll, QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks training, and other accounting services for individuals, professionals and business owners. We are experienced, friendly and affordable.

FIVE Simple Questions…

  1. Did you do your own taxes last year, but wonder if you missed some deductions?
  2. Are you fed up with the impersonal service & steep prices of national tax preparers?
  3. Has your tax preparer ever pressured you to file an extension because s/he was too busy?
  4. Would you like to experience affordable, accurate, one-on-one tax return preparation service?
  5. Did you feel that you made a life-long “connection with ‘your tax guy’ where you feel comfortable calling him any day — 365 days a year — when you’ve a tax question?

Eugene Palovik, founder of Palovik Financial ServicesTired of the high prices, poor service and “lackluster” attitude?

Eugene Palovik (Palovik Financial Services) is celebrating 27-years of offering one-on-one, personal, affordable, tax preparation and accounting services to local individuals and business owners. Give us a call. We really are different!

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Income Tax Preparation for Individuals

Preparing your own tax return was never easy. And NOW… with the Obamacare mess thrown into the tax system taxpayers are more confused than ever –and rightfully so! The U.S. tax code is so complicated that even filing a relatively simple return can produce questions even an Internet search returns mixed-answers. The IRS, complaining they suffer from a lack of funding since taking on the role of Health Care Tax Collectors, publically state that calling them for help might takes days to get through.

IRS 1040 form

Add to the less-than-helpful IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board – tasked with squeezing every penny possible from every California taxpayer to fund ever-expanding government, and people are left alone – without help. It gets worse for taxpayers with complex deductions, and even more complicated for small businesses, LLCs, Corporations, and S-Corporations. It is easy to overlook credits and deductions that you are legally entitled to, costing you money you don’t owe. The modern day online tax software is helpful, but it can never replace the insight and knowledge of a seasoned tax professional. Not only are are Fast, we are AFFORDABLE!

Most of our clients tell us that those big tax preparation chains are more pricey than our straightforward reasonably-priced service.

My Tax Return customers enjoy:

  • Every tax return done personally by Eugene Palovik
  • All eligible federal and state tax returns are filed electronically
  • Preparation of income tax returns for trusts and estates
  • Tax estimation and planning for future years
  • Advice and information on the tax impact of: college, investments, retirement & divorce settlements
  • Help resolving any tax issues – IRS or State notices, audits, or inquiries
  • Home visits for clients who are mobility impaired
  • Tax questions welcome & answered (no charge) year-round for my annual tax clients

Call (855) 791-1950 and ask to speak with Eugene Palovik personally. He will take the time necessary to answer your questions and clearly explain complicated tax matters.

Income Tax Preparation for Business Owners

Our business tax preparation service is designed to help you meet your tax compliance needs.

As a Business Owner Myself…As a business owner myself, I routinely assist start-up businesses, sole proprietors, C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and partnerships meet their tax filing obligations. I can offer tax planning and tax return services for self employed entrepreneurs, web, digital and graphic designers, freelancers, private contractors, and all those folks needing 1099 and schedule C assistance.

My business tax preparation services include:

  • Helping you get your books in order for tax reporting purposes
  • Finding yo the most favorable, legal manner to structure your books
  • Preparing all necessary federal and state income tax returns for the current or past filing years
  • Answering questions regarding returns, schedules, W-2, 1099, and other requirements
  • Helping get you set up making estimated tax payments, if necessary, for the following year
  • Being available to answer questions you might have all year
  • And more…

Los Angeles Tax Preparers - Palovik Financial Services

Back Taxes – Unfiled Tax Returns – Nasty Letters – Audits

I am your Los Angeles Tax Preparer, Eugene Palovik – Each week I have the privilege to meet good people who have a bit of a financial mess to straighten out, or who are actually being harassed by the overwhelming power of the IRS or those bothersome State Tax agencies such as the Franchise Tax Board FTB (state Income taxes), EDD (payroll taxes), or State Board of Equalization BOE (sales taxes).

Back Taxes – Threatening Letters

There is nothing more stressful – than having the IRS, the FTB (California Franchise Tax Board) State Board of Equalization (SBE), or the California Employment Development Department EDD (tasked with collecting: the unemployment insurance [UI] tax, the employment training tax [ETT], the disability insurance [DI] tax, and the personal income [PIT] tax) chasing after you, threatening you with a lien, levy, audit or worse. MORE about Back Taxes…

If you are facing pressure from any of these government taxing agencies – you may, if it gets worse, need a tax attorney, but in 90% of cases, what you really need is to get your financial records in order – to see where you stand. Once your records are in order, any and all past tax returns completed, it often turns out that your anxiety and panic will subside as you are now able to face these scary agencies with the facts. Often the facts of what you owe are far less than you imagined! Virtually all tax agencies will work with you once your financial records are in order and you figure out where you stand and what you can do to get back on track. Call me. Let’s sort out your mess. Once we get started, your stress and anxiety will be replaced by optimism and a feeling of being in control of your financial life once again.

As Home Depot™ says: “Let’s Do This!”

Call me.   (855) 791-1950

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SERVICES: Accounting – Bookkeeping – Payroll – QuickBooks


Company founder, Eugene Palovik, can keep you ahead of government deadlines, maintain order of your finances, and reduce the headaches and expensive lessons that come with owning a business. Not only that, you can afford our reasonable fees!

No matter if you are a start-up business, a growing business or a mature corporation, Palovik Financial Services can help you. We are the Tax Guy Next Door; the Bookkeeping Service down the block… Call (855) 791-1950 and ask to speak with Eugene Palovik personally.


Are you self-employed? Are you a contractor? A web designer? A 1099 consultant? Do you own a small business or midsize corporation? We offer low-cost bookkeeping services that will make sure that your finances are always in order. Running a business for a first-timer or as a seasoned business person —given the increasing demands of the government— can be very challenging. Stop wasting precious time with paperwork and government forms. Focus on what you and your company do best. Let us lend you a hand: monthly, quarterly, or —for independent contractors— possibly only annually. Call (855) 791-1950 and ask to speak with Eugene Palovik personally.

Payroll Services

Ask Eugene Palovik, founder of Palovik Financial Services – to assist you with your payroll. Test out our professional, no hassle, payroll services for any size company. We will set up and manage every portion of your payroll system so you are able to focus on your business instead of the often mind-numbing details imposed on a company by all the government agencies with all their requirements and all their various expectations and deadlines. We are experienced and accurate; making sure our client’s paychecks and reports are error-free.

QuickBooks Services From a QuickBooks Teacher!

There’s a reason QuickBooks is the number one business accounting software in America. As a matter of fact, I teach QuickBooks classes at a college level to soon-to-be new business entrepreneurs! I can help you install, setup and operate QuickBooks for your business.

Quickbooks Services – Includes QuickBooks Set-Up, QuickBooks Training & a new service: QuickBooks Tune-Up. My QuickBooks Services are custom-tailored to fit the needs of my clients’ and their budgets.
MORE about QuickBooks Services…

Why Quickbooks – QuickBooks is specifically designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of small businesses. You can customize QuickBooks to work the way you want right out of the box (or online).
MORE about Why Quickbooks…

QuickBooks Setup – Yes, QuickBooks was designed for real business owners (not accountants) to understand. However, the initial setup and installation must be done by a trained accountant in order for your General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Income & Expense Statement and other useful Financial Reports to be accurate.
MORE about QuickBooks Setup…

QuickBooks Training – Once QuickBooks is properly set up and working flawlessly, we can train you or your employees to properly operate QuickBooks specifically for your business.
MORE about QuickBooks Training…

QuickBooks Tune-Up – Whether you need to prepare your QuickBooks data for tax time; for a financial review; or you just instinctively know that your QuickBooks has some inherent initial set up issues that have dogged you for years, schedule Eugene Palovik for a QuickBooks Tune-Up. In four (4) hours, Eugene Palovik, a QuickBooks Professional Instructor will help you clean up and organize your QuickBooks bookkeeping system.
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