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My Rant — Everybody’s  ‘ABOUT’  Page Stinks!

My last 2 unmarried daughters got married recently. That meant searching for and then hiring a bunch of STRANGERS!   We needed 2 expensive wedding & reception venues, 2 caterers, 2 wedding photographers, 2 bands or DJ’s, gown and tux rentals shops, etc., etc.. I was fit to be tied attempting to get a “sense” of who all these possible STRANGERS were (in the flesh).

house for saleFollowing the 2 weddings, my wife Joan and I are rattling around in a large Fullerton house —almost an empty nest— and we decided to sell.

We now need a bunch MORE STRANGERS!   We needed to hire contractors, painters, and handymen to work in OUR HOME —in OUR BEDROOM— while we are at work. All these STRANGERS we’ve had to hire in the past year! It was painful.

You study their websites. Those with websites. Pretty pictures. Great reviews. His name. Her name. But really…. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?   I wanted more information about who they are at work and at home —as regular people. I had odd thoughts: “Do they install “gorgeous granite countertops” during the week and smoke crack on the weekends? WHO ARE THESE STRANGERS?

A balance of business and personal information would have been helpful. Couldn’t all these strangers – with all their websites – share just a little bit about themselves outside of work without hitting the “Too Much Information” wall? I lusted to see a broader, bigger picture about someone I needed to put my trust in — someone I needed to hire. In my year of hiring strangers, I CRAVED to get more of a “sense” of WHO ARE all these strangers who will be coming into my family’s lives? If I could have gotten a “peek” into these stranger’s daily lives I’d have felt better. Reassured who they are. What they’re about. And, if no ‘peek,’ why not? Something to hide?

Now, with my own new website – I have an opportunity to make my own ABOUT Eugene Palovik page. And I’ll do my best to fix what is wrong in the world of ‘professional person websites’ and the lack of general transparency about new people you want to hire.

People’s finances are an integral and personal part of who they are. It is only fair then, that you get to know a little bit about me; who I am, where I come from, about my family, and my roots here in Los Angeles. I want to share enough of me so that you’ll have a sense of who I am when you call me on the phone or feel comfortable when we sit down together to do your taxes or work on your business accounting. I’m a simple man, living an honest and reputable life, so why not make an earnest attempt to be as transparent as is reasonable to earn your initial trust.

History – Education – Employment

I grew up in Buena Park, CA. I attended Buena Park High School. I met my wife, Joan, in high school and we were married a few years back — in 1974. I attended Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF) and graduated in 1976 with a business administration and accounting degree. I had the great fortune to put myself through college while working at Knotts Berry Farm for 6 fun years. That may be why my Buena Park picture (below) features Knotts. Knotts IS Buena Park, people!

From Knotts, and with my new accounting degree in hand, I went to work at MCM Manufacturing in 1976 as their Financial Controller and remained there for 12 years until 1988 when I decided to start my own business ——-Palovik Financial Services— which is now 27 years in existence: and you’re visiting the PFS/OCTP website right now.

In 2001, I became an instructor at SCIT – where I teach Accounting, QuickBooks and Excel to soon-to-be new business owners. I split my time between teaching Accounting and Tax Preparation and engaging in Business Accounting and Tax Preparation for a handful of wonderful clients: win-win!


Eugene Palovik, founder of Palovik Financial ServicesI founded Palovik Financial Services 27 years ago in 1988, and, more recently Los as the digital extension of my business.

Me and my staff offer offer a variety of tax and accounting services to individuals and business owners in the Los Angeles, CA area, including tax saving strategies, the preparation of your state and federal tax returns for both individuals and businesses, small business accounting, QuickBooks Setup, QuickBooks Training and a new service: QuickBooks Tune-Up. Call (855) 791-1950 to speak to me personally.


In addition to operating Palovik Financial Services, I had an amazing opportunity back in 2001 to teach hi-tech courses, including Accounting, QuickBooks and Excel Spreadsheet skills to college-aged students at Southern California Institute of Technology (SCITECH)

 Southern California Institute of Technology


I am married to my high school sweetheart Joan. We’ve celebrated four glorious decades together. Joan and I have four amazing children: Michelle, Melanie, Mallory and Matt (3 girls and 1 boy). You might have noticed, we have “thing” for names that begin with “M.” We also have 3 grandchildren. Our two youngest daughters, Mallory and Melanie were both married in the past year.

If you have a daughter planning a wedding, I can most certainly sympathize with you, although I am not so sure I can offer much in the way of expert financial planning advice for large, back-to-back weddings!  Dear Lord…

Joan Palovik -Mallory Palovik Ross - Eugene PalovikEugene Palovik and Melanie Keith

Mrs. Mallory-Palovik-Ross         Mrs. Melanie-Palovik-Keith


As a long married couple, we currently have a lovely home in Fullerton; and before that we spent many years growing up and living in Buena Park, California.

Tax Preparer Eugene lives in Fullerton, CATax Preparer Eugene used to live in Buena Park, CA

Fullerton, California              Buena Park, California

Leisure Activities

Professional Baseball – I admit it! I can’t hide it. I am a died-in-the-wool Dodger’s fan. Clients, friends, and family often catch me wearing LA Dodgers apparel. And, yes, sometimes at work. In my defense, when 70% of a man’s wardrobe is either Dodgers or Sooners jerseys, I’m bound to be caught not wearing a pin striped suit every so often!

dodger stadium

College Football – Joan and I are also Sooners college football addicts. It is said that we have been known to board a plane headed for Oklahoma at the drop of a hat! As a bean-counter, I’d like to think that our flights are more carefully-planned out than some may imagine…”

Sooners Game

sooners stadium

Melanie, Mallory & Gene at Dodger GameMatt, Mallory, Melanie & Gene at Sooners Cotton Bowl Game

Melanie, Mallory & Gene at Dodger Game    Matt, Mallory, Melanie & Gene at Cotton Bowl

Tournaments – A few times each year, I admit…. I sit in at a few ‘just for fun’ Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournaments to test and hone my poker skills — just in case the U.S. Congress decides to do away with the IRS and have individuals and businesses file their income taxes on a 5 x 7 postcard. They keep threatening… Every four years… I really need to hone some serious fall-back skills that involve numbers should the IRS ever be abolished!  In the meanwhile, turn over ‘the river’ card please…


Why New Clients Call Me…

  • You did your own taxes last year and fret over missed deductions.
  • You’ve had it sharing personal finances with a new stranger every year
  • Your tax guy or gal is always SO BUSY, and you feel constantly rushed.
  • That national tax firm that advertises “low prices” ends up rather pricey considering the iffy services they provide you.

Call (855) 791-1950. If I don’t answer, ask for me. Ask to speak to Eugene Palovik personally.
I promise to take the time, or make the time, to answer your questions and clearly explain my “take” on your tax matters or accounting concerns.

Our Tax, Accounting & Consulting Services include:

  • Preparation, review, and audit of financial statements
  • Tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Representing taxpayers in tax audits and appeals
  • Business management services
  • Payroll services
  • Bookkeeping/bill payment
  • Tax return extension preparation
  • Tax Preparation and Advising
  • IRS Audit Assistance
  • Rental Property Coaching and Tax Planning
  • Financial Planning (including college savings, retirement planning, etc.)
  • QuickBooks Set-Up
  • Developing Retirement Plan Rollovers and 401K Programs
  • Individual and Business Financial Coaching

I’m here to answer your Tax & Accounting questions.
Call now for a FREE telephone consultation.
I will take your call personally!
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