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We prepare business tax returns for – professionals, investors, sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. Whether your business operates here in Los Angeles or has multiple locations, we can prepare and file your State and Federal business tax returns.

Like it or not, tax laws are so complicated that filing a seemingly simple tax return can be totally confusing. If you are not immersed daily –for years– in the tax profession, it is just too easy to overlook legitimate deductions and credits to which you are fully entitled. Even if you use a computer software program to play with “what ifs” and experiments.
You know what?

There’s just no substitute to having your own TAX GUY on Speed Dial!

Small Business Tax Services

As a small business —or a medium-sized corporation— there are countless legitimate and legal ways to save money; save paying more taxes than you legally owe. With each administration, with each congress, with each session of the State legislature, tax laws are constantly changing. Annually. Often with opportunities you can take advantage of. Utilizing our small business tax services will help save you time and money with legal and appropriate deductions.

Our small business tax services include:

  • Tax filing
  • Payroll services
  • Health insurance tax laws
  • IRS communication and audits
  • Finding and taking advantage of legitimate legal deductions

Are Your Books a Disaster? No Worries!

Are Your Books a Disaster? No Worries!When you get right down to it, that’s what I do. I clean up messes. I love it! If you own a small business and you have not kept your bookkeeping up to date —trust me— that’s the norm. That seems to be the natural genesis of business growth. We can help you. We can clean up your bookkeeping for the current year (or any year/s you need) and prepare a full Schedule C for the business and, if needed, I’ll process your personal income tax return while we’re at it.

Just gather up your piles of receipts, tax documents and pile them in a bankers box. Then call us. (855) 791-1950 Let’s get started.

Tax Services Tailored to Meet Your Circumstances

We can tailor our tax services for your needs – whether as individuals or as business owners.

Newly Married Couples
I have two newly married daughters. A marriage is a blending of two people and two tax profiles. We can prepare your taxes as (a) individuals filing separately, (b) as married individuals filing separately, or (c) as a married couple filing jointly — even if the status will be changing in the coming years as you get your feet firmly planted.

Self Employed Persons – Freelancers – Private Contractors
We can assist you – with those pesky 1099 form’s & complicated schedule C’s.

Business Owners
We excel in helping business owners. Not only am I a business owner myself, I am paid to teach accounting to burgeoning, soon-to-be business owners in a college setting. Surely I can be of some help to you.

Do You Insist on Doing Your Tax Returns Yourself?
We’ll happily review your work to see if you’ve missed any deductions or are raising red flags up the flagpole. We’ll make sure it’s right before you file.

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