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Tax Returns are Free for New Accounting ClientsIncome Tax Return-Only Clients — We charge far less than a CPA or tax attorney, and even less than those national tax preparation services!

we charge far less than a CPA or tax attorneyAs a rule of thumb, we charge far less than a CPA or tax attorney, and even less than those national tax preparation services.

How can we do that? You see the minimum wage people dressed up in Statue-of-Liberty costumes 2 months a year! Like the big halloween warehouse, these national tax preparer operations have to pay rent on EMPTY OFFICES for 10 months of each year! Moreover, we don’t have the overhead of nationwide TV advertising, nor is our entire income stream tax return dependent.

Many of our clients are business owners – and they have tax returns and tax filings to prepare monthly or quarterly. We simply have NO significant downtime nor 10 ridiculous no-work months’ overhead!

Tax Documents for Your Tax PreparerMost tax return services fully-disclose their REAL PRICING to their prospective customers only AFTER the poor taxpayer has lugged their shoeboxes and bankers boxes of receipts and documents into their offices and waited to sit down with the next available ‘random associate.’   Big box store tax clients simply ‘bite the bullet’ and end up paying far too much for the services received.

The “teaser rates” that you thought you saw online are often for just your Federal tax return. Then there are fees for your state return, schedules, printing charges, fax charges, and all sorts of unexpected fees added to your tab after you are already in their office and it is too much trouble to leave.

Our pricing is based solely only on the complexity of your tax return

Tax return Preparation prices begin at $50.00 for a basic 1040EZ return. A more involved 1040 with itemized deductions costs $149.00.

And remember… these prices INCLUDE the corresponding California State return – along with your Federal IRS return. If you have the extra complexities of self-employment details, rental income, capital gains or losses, or other unique situations requiring additional forms, our fees will be a little more. Totally reasonable ‘little more…” Call us to discuss –at no charge– your tax situation and receive a personalized quote based on your unique circumstances. Try that elsewhere… Attempt calling a national tax prep chain for a one-on-one no-charge phone consultation and price quote!

tax refund checkWe don’t nickle-and-dime our clients with extra fees that others use to inflate their bait-n-switch fees.

We don’t charge extra fees for e-file, postage, printing or extraneous services you don’t need. We don’t try to sell you high-interest “refund advance loans” for hundreds of dollars for money a week early! Think about it. If you are due a refund, the typical IRS wait is averaging 7-10 days for that pretty Green U.S. Treasury check to arrive via snail mail!

Services Included at No Extra Charge

  • Mobile Tax Service – We can come to you if your home or business is in Los Angeles
  • E-file with Direct Deposit – You can receive your refund in as few as 10 days
  • Red Flag Watch – We review your returns for the “red flags” that trigger IRS audits
  • Tax Reduction Coaching – We will suggest things you start doing now to save taxes next year

We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and PayPalPayment Options

Our Fees – We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and PayPal.

Tax Payments – If you owe taxes, they can be paid by check or direct debit from your bank account. If your tax liability is too much —very likely with the new administration’s tax increases— we can help you submit an IRS Installment Agreement, which will allow you to pay off your tax obligation over time and they will not hassle you.

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