QuickBooks Tune-Up — Review, Repair and Improve

A QuickBooks Tune-Up might be just what the doctor ordered… Whether you need to get your books cleaned up to produce a quarterly tax report, or prepare for year end closing so that you can get accurate income and expenses numbers; identify all legitimate tax deductions to get ready to prepare and file your tax returns, chance are I can make a big difference this year.

There are 1,000’s of Los Angeles business owners using QuickBooks, who frankly, had no formal accounting training, but they they set up their own QuickBooks software as best they could. It can be one or many “little things” that make QuickBooks frustrating for you, when it shouldn’t be. You may have just set up QuickBooks incorrectly. No worries!   It happens. All the time. If you are the primary user of your QuickBooks —you know in your gut— that things are just not exactly right…

I can uncover those subtle, but troublesome set-up errors, chart of accounts problems, and other complex issues causing you consternation with a new service I offer: QuickBooks Tune-Up. In four (4) hours, I can help you clean up and organize your bookkeeping system.

QuickBooks Instructor & 27-Year Los Angeles Accountant Offers QuickBooks Tune-Up

Eugene PalovikWho am I? Eugene Palovik – I teach QuickBooks to upcoming business owners. I am a 15-year QuickBooks Professional Instructor in a local university setting and a working Los Angeles accountant with 27 years of hands-on experience since 1988. I offer personal, One-on-One QuickBooks Review, Repair, Training and Coaching for those starting a business, or been in the business world for decades.

A QuickBooks Tune-Up Usually Includes:

  • QuickBooks Review
  • QuickBooks Repair
  • QuickBooks Improvement
  • Reviewing each and every transaction for the current year
  • Finding and correcting oddball entries
  • Creating or Customizing reports that you would like
  • Balancing your general ledger
  • Addressing any QuickBooks issues or questions you have

Price: $295 – QuickBooks Tune-Up

A QuickBooks Tune-Up is Smart and Affordable

A “QuickBooks Tune-up” is a smart and affordable way to get a handle on your books. Accurate records allow you to make educated decisions for your business and will save you money! Almost every QuickBooks Installation has “some issues” and flaws from the initial set-up that limits the friendliness that QuickBooks is known for. You will be pleasantly surprised, how much easier your QuickBooks will behave once the little issues are uncovered and repaired.

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