We Can Help You with Back Taxes & Missing Returns

Do you live in fear of the IRS?

  • Do you live in fear of the IRS?
  • Do you have unfiled tax returns?
  • Are you a taxpayer who owes back taxes?
  • Are you a business owner who missed depositing employer payroll taxes?

Tax problems can happen to anyone —and they do!   Recently one of our dear family friends had a wage garnishment from the FTB over a tax return she had filed 3 years prior and had no idea there were a few hundred dollars owing! In fact, are you aware that 1 in 6 Americans are in some sort of trouble with the IRS? With the addition of the new Obamacare fines, as the IRS becomes our overseer’s —our nannies now tasked to monitor our healthcare and levy fines against Americans found not in compliance, that number will surely grow.

Upshot? You have a lot of company and you are not alone in your anguish.

Put an End to IRS & State Tax Problems

The good news is we can solve many back tax and unfiled tax return problems – more painlessly than you might think. Considering the now 6-year old recession that never ended, coupled with the dramatic downturn in overall business activity with some 93 million Americans unemployed, it is not all that surprising so many taxpayers are facing IRS and State tax problems. Throw in those who faced an unexpected illness, and it is not rocket science why so many taxpayers don’t have the money to pay their past or current tax bills.

We hear the stories… We get it. — More importantly, I get it, and I can help.

“I didn’t have any extra money at the time to send to the IRS, so, I thought… why even file?”


1 year behind or 7 years behind… Life happens. Now, let me help you deal with it. We can usually STOP IRS and state tax problems by simply getting your finances sorted out. You might be surprised that your position is not as drastic as you first assumed.

Unfiled Tax Returns.  Unpaid Back Taxes.  Overwhelmed.  What to do?

Many delinquent taxpayers will miss ONE tax return, then, the next year, find themself utterly depressed by the thought of having to catch up TWO tax returns! They then allow year 2 to go unfiled. And it snowballs. It is NOT unusual! 1 in 6 Americans are behind in their taxes. You are NOT alone.

Finally, out of sheer panic they’ll call us. The conversation often starts:

“I’m totally overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin…” Can you help?

If this scenario sounds familiar – you are not the first taxpayer to find themselves in what seems like a bottomless pit with no possible way to climb out. In this crummy, now 6-year-long recession there are millions of honest, hard-working, Americans with a number of unfiled tax returns.

Yes, most likely, I can help you.       Call me (Eugene) (855) 791-1950

It’s Time to Get Your Tax Problems Resolved

It is time to be pro-active and get this simmering problem resolved and behind you. If the IRS or state is not already knocking on your door; lucky you. However, it’s only a matter of time, and you know it. Call me. Eugene Palovik. I’ll talk with you confidentially. (714)863-7857. I’ll bet you that we can get it all straightened out. Call me…

Is the IRS Sending Threatening Letters? —Make contact!

When the threatening letters start, it’s time to make contact. If the IRS is actively and aggressively making collection efforts: letters, business cards on your door, threatening liens, levies, or wage garnishments, you need to make contact. If you feel intimidated, I can make contact on your behalf. The IRS (and the State of California) will usually stop harassing you for a month or longer if you (or me, on your behalf) simply make that initial telephone contact and let them know you are beginning to get all your documents together and your unfiled tax returns compiled. You can usually get some time to take a deep breath and start the process of getting your finances figured out.

Not yet actively pursued?   —Get Your S#!T Together, —THEN make contact!

If somehow you are still under the radar – and not being pursued by the IRS, count your blessings! Now it’s time to get your finances in order ASAP so we will know exactly where you stand.

First – get your unprepared, unfiled tax returns put together.

Once those overdue returns are completed – you’ll have the BIG picture of your entire situation.

Then, knowing where you stand – we can devise a strategy to approach the IRS and the State to clean up the problem. They will work with you.

There really is no other way. You need to get your receipts and tax documents together and we can sit down and get all your past-due tax returns prepared. It is faster than you might think. And my fees are totally affordable. No worries there… You might even be surprised that YOU are OWED a REFUND! It happens…

Once your old tax returns are completed – and you agree with the results, we should then submit your back tax returns so that you will become legally “current.” If you owe the feds and the state back taxes and you don’t have the funds to pay up in full, we can submit one of two common petitions to take advantage of various State IRS repayment programs which will enable you to get totally caught up over time – AND YOU WILL NOT BE HARASSED if accepted. Programs include: an IRS Installment Agreement, and another popular program that is often referred to in radio and TV commercials as a “Pennies on the Dollar” settlement program called an Offer In Compromise (OIC).

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