Why QuickBooks – Your Business Can Grow & Thrive with QuickBooks

Making a record of the customer's order - Sears, Roebuck & Co., ChicagoWe recommend Intuit QuickBooks as the best overall business accounting software that is adaptable to many types of small businesses. You can use QuickBooks –no kidding– to run a $1 million to a $25 million business with a software package that is less that $300 outright purchase or even $100/year if you venture into the clouds and use QuickBooks Online!

QuickBooks is specifically designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of small businesses. You can customize QuickBooks to work the way you want right out of the box (or online). QuickBooks has a variety of accounting packages specifically tailored for contractors, retailers, health care professionals, and non-profit organizations.

QuickBooks is used by a majority of business owners – because the software keeps track of sales, income, expenses, daily transactions, paying bills and employees, sending out estimates, sending one-time invoices, automatically creating and sending out recurring invoices, downloading your checking account data directly from your bank — thus syncing and reconciling all your data across various and critical financial accounts.

Huge Installed Base of QuickBooks Users – Worldwide!

QuickBooks Set-Up, Training and Tune-UpsQuickBooks is a reliable and proven product. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world are regular users of QuickBooks – the “installed base” is huge. With software that has a huge installed base, there is a corresponding large number of QuickBooks expertise to call upon when needed in every city, county, state and country to help you when you require assistance!

QuickBooks Expert — like Eugene Palovik 855-791-1950 — who has been teaching QuickBooks to college-aged students since 2001 is one such QuickBooks GUY you’ll want on Speed Dial! Gene is the Los Angeles QuickBooks GUY you will want to help you do your initial setup if you have an ongoing business or some complexities to your accounting. Gene can also train you or your employees every so often —maybe at a quarterly closing, or end of year close and tax return time. For those of you who have QuickBooks up and running, but there are obvious little issues making you uncomfortable, you can ask Eugene to drop in for a 4-hour “QuickBooks Tune-Up.”

Get Paid Faster with QuickBooks Online Invoicing & Payments

QuickBooks was designed to make your workflow fast, intuitive (i.e. Intuit) and easy. This is especially true when using the QuickBooks Online version. Emailing invoices, with no time lost waiting on slow and expensive USPS snail mail — and the ability to be paid seconds after your invoice is received — simplifies and streamlines the process of getting paid. The ability to accept payment by credit or debit card simplifies life immensely. No more waiting for the check in the mail! We recommend that you use electronic invoicing when you can and for ALL invoices, offer the option to pay you online. If you are not set up with a credit card processing merchant account, we can offer you a few suggestions and help you get started.

Get Paid Faster with QuickBooks Online Invoicing

Pay your Bills Faster & Easier — Do All Your Banking Online

Setup your current bank account in QuickBooks, and you’re ready to pay your bills without addressing envelopes, buying 1/2 dollar stamps, buying lots of checks, or printing any more paper checks than necessary. You just “write checks” in QuickBooks as you normally do, then click a button and your participating bank does the rest!

Between QuickBooks & a Mobile Banking APP — You’ll Never Visit a Bank

SAVE a tree – Use Electronic Invoices
A business owner need no longer make it to the bank before 5 pm.  No longer is a daily bank visit a drag on your productive time – or family time… These days, most of my clients’ customers pay online after receiving a emailed QuickBooks Invoice. The few clients who insist on sending you checks has a simple solution. A local web designer who works from home, invoices via email, but still gets a couple paper checks each week has been using his Samsung Note 3 Android phone with a Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App for 2 years. Given 2 checks a week, that saves 100 round trip drives to the bank each year! In less than 2 minutes he can deposit 1 or more checks from his desk that post the same day. He claims he hadn’t stepped inside a bank in two years. Consider the hours no longer wasted, the gas saved, and his smaller carbon footprint!

SAVE a tree – Choose Paperless Bank Statements
Online banking also allows you download your monthly statements —all of your data— from your participating bank EXACTLY as it is on your statement — directly into your QuickBooks data file for easier reconciliation. Just a decade ago, you had to enter each debit and credit into your accounting software, and then Murphy’s Law would surface… You’d invariably enter $33.89 when it should have been $33.39 turning a 5-minute monthly bank statement reconciliation into an hour-long snipe hunt! No more! And…, if you are a one man or woman shop — busy running your business and you forget to “connect to your bank” and sync your QuickBooks with the bank every month, don’t fret, you can often download and sync-up 4, 6 or even 12 months of your bank data into your QuickBooks Accounting data file all at one time — in minutes.

QuickBooks Makes Life Easy — QuickBooks Makes Owning a Business Fun

Whether you’re a new start-up, working from your home – or an established business, great accounting software can make your life so much easier. QuickBooks accounting software, automates daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. QuickBooks is “Johnny-on-the-Spot” when you wonder what’s really going on with your business. Who are my best clients? What products or services account for most of my sales? What products or services make me the most profit? And, QuickBooks, if kept current, makes filing all those pesky government forms a snap too.

The Amazing Reports & Graphs! — Powerful… Insightful

accounting software can make your life so much easier

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Buy The Retail Software –or– Pay for QuickBooks Online?

On-Premise Accounting – QuickBooks can be purchased and used on a particular computer as a stand-alone software program, or installed on a small office network by getting the appropriate license for, say 2, 3 or 5 users in your office. This is the traditional way that millions of QuickBooks users have used over the past decade and the installed software is referred to as an “on-premise accounting” solution.

Software-as-a-ServiceSoftware-as-a-Service (SAAS) – QuickBooks Online (AKA: QuickBooks Cloud Computing) can do all of things that the traditional “on-premise accounting” software can do and more. No matter if you are the smallest start-up, or an established business, QuickBooks online might be the best selection for you to seriously consider. QuickBooks Online is filling the very competitive space of “software-as-a-service” (SAAS) rather than software as a product that you might pick up a copy of at your local Staples or Costco store.

QuickBooks Online can be accessed anywhere on the planet – from any computer, phone or tablet. You can work at the office, go home, log in and everything you did at “the office” is visible. There are no data files to hand carry on a thumb drive to update one computer to another remote computer. There is only the ONE master data file “in the cloud” accessible from anywhere by as many people as you grant access.

Problems of the Retail Box Software – If you have employees, an office or business space, maybe you now have a server in your office. Question… What happens when –not IF— your server hard disk crashes? Did you or your IT person really back up your data? How long before you get your server up and LIVE again? QuickBooks can be a mixed blessing! You will become very dependent on your QuickBooks Software as a powerful daily tool to get cash in the door, invoices out, answer client questions. You fall in love with it, and then if it isn’t accessible you’re devastated. The trend starting about 2011 and increasing yearly is to pass on the on-premise-accounting-solution and consider seriously the benefits of the software-as-a-service QuickBooks Online Service.

Having Me Help You Can Be Far LESS EXPENSIVE — If That is Even Possible

If you choose QuickBooks Online Cloud Accounting it is far easier for me to help you. When you will occasionally need the services of an accountant and QuickBooks Expert to assist you with your Schedule of Accounts, quarterly government reports or some “accounting emergency,” you can simply allow me access to your QuickBooks Online Account, without the need and extra expense for me to drive to your home or office.

No need to pay me for 2 hours for a 5 minute fix – right?

Having Me Help You Is Even LESS EXPENSIVE

Cost of QuickBooks Software vs. QuickBooks Online Service

First, consider buying the software with the physical DVD – (like “the old days”) – a discounted QuickBooks Pro or Premium at Costco will be a few hundred dollars. As of July 2015, Costco pricing is as follows:

Costco pricing of Intuit QuickBooks Software

The downside to buying physical copies of machine dependent software – is that every few years, a newer versions will be release with sparkly new features and fancier interfaces. With QuickBooks Online (software-as-a-service) on the cloud, your software is ALWAYS up-to-date; always the very latest version!

Cloud Computing Is Reliable and Safe

As we come to rely on big data companies, we grow more comfortable allowing these big companies companies to protect our valuable data on their mirrored and managed servers. Sure, no company is infallible, but these services do allow us cloud computing customers to be extra cautious and download backup copies of our own data, should we choose to.

The Talent and Resources are moving to SAAS Cloud Accounting

QuickBooks Online and Intuit — like all business accounting software companies — are shifting their best and brightest talent and resources from their “on-premise solutions” divisions to what they know is the future: SAAS (software-as-a-service) cloud accounting. Seriously consider QuickBooks Online.

So what about the difference in cost?

Above we looked at Costco’s pricing for traditional software. Paying for software access and cloud usage/storage as a service as actually cheaper or the same with so many more benefits.

Intuit QuickBooks Online Pricing

A Breakdown of the 4 QuickBooks Online Choices:

$9.99/month – Self-Employed

  • Untangle business from personal expenses
  • Simplify estimated quarterly taxes
  • Track 1099 tax so you know how much to save
  • Download bank transactions and find Schedule C deductions

$12.95/month – Simple Start

  • Track income and expenses
  • Create estimates and invoices
  • Sync bank accounts and apps

$26.95/month – Essentials

  • Track income and expenses
  • Create estimates and invoices
  • Sync bank accounts and apps
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Instant sale and profit reports

$39.95/month – Plus

  • Track income and expenses
  • Create estimates and invoices
  • Sync bank accounts and apps
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Instant sale and profit reports
  • Track inventory
  • Prepare and print 1099s

QuickBooks Online is Known to Solve the Follow Common Dilemmas

I hate to type another long list — especially if you have no desire to read it, but frankly, if you are a business owner, or a soon-to-be business owner, you really owe it to yourself to look at those 100’s of ladies (at the top of this page) typing individual index cards at Sears for their “charge account clients” and then read each thing that a three hundred dollar a year commitment can do for you nowadays. We’ve come a long way baby…

It is amazing, when you compare these features with what businesses had 30 years back:

  • Separate business from personal spending
  • Calculate and pay estimated quarterly taxes
  • Track mileage and Schedule C deductions
  • Track your income and expenses
  • Download transactions from your bank and credit card accounts
  • Back up your data online automatically
  • Same security and encryption as banks
  • Access your data from a tablet or smartphone
  • Send unlimited estimates and invoices
  • Print checks and record transactions
  • Import data from MS Excel or QuickBooks desktop
  • Invite your accountant –Eugene– to access your data
  • Integrate with available applications
  • Set up invoices to automatically bill on a recurring schedule
  • Manage and pay bills from vendors
  • Enter bills and schedule payments for later
  • Compare your sales and profitability with industry trends
  • Control what your users can access
  • Create and send purchase orders
  • Track inventory
  • Prepare and print 1099s
  • Give employees and subcontractors limited access to enter time worked
  • Track billable hours by customer
  • Create budgets to estimate future income and expenses
  • Categorize your income and expenses using class tracking
  • Track sales and profitability for each of your locations
  • Number of people who can access QuickBooks Online
  • Number of built-in business reports
  • Pay W-2 employees and file payroll taxes
  • Accept online and mobile payments

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